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Apply and Care

Long Lasting up to 25 uses

With proper care Tiny Minx human hair lashes can be worn up to 5 uses and Luxe can be worn 25 times. So that you can get the most out of your pair here are some helpful tips.

Applying Tiny Minx Lashes

  • Hold your lash strip up to your eyes and check the length. Trim the outer edge of the lash band if necessary.
  • Bend both edges of your lashes and hold them for a couple of seconds. Apply the glue thinly on the lash band and wait 30 seconds until it is tacky to the touch.
  • Gently curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Do not skip this step as it will blend your natural lashes with the false lashes seamlessly.
  • Using your hands or tweezers, place the false lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Start from the centre, then inner, and the outer corner.


 Removing Tiny Minx Lashes

  • Use a cotton swab and oil-free makeup remover and rub along the band of the lashes. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dissolve.
  • Gently remove the lashes then using a q-tip with makeup remover carefully run along the lash band to loosen the lashes and to remove any left over glue. Always avoid getting product on the lashes themselves as they can damage the longevity.


  • We suggest you apply mascara on your own lashes BEFORE you apply your falsies.
  • Curl your mink falsies like you curl your own lashes. In fact this is a great thing to do if you want to create your own unique look by adding a stronger curl! The great thing about mink is that the curl will stay on well after the night has ended!
  • Remove the glue carefully without any harsh pulling to avoid damaging the natural hairs.
  • Put your lashes back in their beautiful casing to keep their shape and to avoid any dust or debris ruining your lashes.


  • Don't apply mascara on your lashes as this is hard to remove and may damage the natural mink.
  • Use oil based products and makeup removers on the oil as it may ruin the shine and the fur.
  • Swim or wet your lashes with water or products as it may cause the fur to lose it's curl and shape! If this happens unintentionally please allow it to dry in your case and then gently curl it with your lash curler to bring it back to life.