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  • 5 steps to prepare your skin before makeup
  • Annie Fox

5 steps to prepare your skin before makeup

5 steps to prepare your skin before makeup

Ok ladies, before you start your makeup application its important to prepare your skin properly. Why is this? Well, once you start applying your foundations or eye make up you might notice your dry skin or makeup clumping together. Yes we have all been there and its hella annoying. So, here are some super easy and simple steps to having your completion Photoshop quality.

1. Cleanse

This can be done easily in the shower on sink. It really only takes a minute or two and clears all your pores from excess oil, dirt, and debris. While you can count on concealer to cover up a pesky blemish here and there, there’s no real substitution for a clear complexion. So consider cleansing the first step in your makeup routine.

2. Exfoliate

Take that pesky blackheads and dry skin. Your exfoliation will improve your skin’s overall health and appearance as cleansing is. I generally alternative between a Konjac Sponge (which is super cheap from Perhaps Unicorn), super natural and gentle and a glycolic exfoliant from Skintitut. Both totally amazing.

If you have oily skin, exfoliating will make sure that dead skin cells and excess oil don’t stay trapped in your pores under layers of makeup. 

3. Apply Natural Oil

I am talking about the good oils. I generally use Rose Hip Oil or Bio Oil. Do not go crazy on the amounts, just a small squeeze. I use it to hydrate and smoothen out my skin. I have picked up both of there from under $10 from a pharmacy. 

4. Moisturize

Even if you use a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation, you will first want to hydrate your face with moisturizer. 

5. Primer

If you don't have primer at home no stress, the oil's used in step 3 act really well as a primer. However, I am a long time user of Napoleon Primer. This step is particularly important if it's a long day or big night out. Your primer will keep your makeup looking fresh the entire time. How? Primers sit on the surface of the skin and create a barrier between skin and makeup. It keeps skin looking smooth, pores looking smaller, and delivers a subtle golden glow. It’s a must during the summer months especially, as it will keep you from sweating off your make up. 

Those are our favorite 5 steps to prepping your skin! If you have other hacks you should totally let us know, we love hearing them :)


  • Annie Fox